“Photographing the people close to you, the people who will put up with you, is probably the most rewarding work you will do.

It may never be published, but it is the work that you should care about most and embrace.”

Annie Leibovitz

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Your photography session price includes an online gallery like the ones above!

From these, you will download and share your images that will be stored for 1 year.

You can order prints directly from within your gallery or download them to use your own print method.

You have the copyright via contract for the personal use of your images.

Customize your session COllection

+ Password protect your gallery

+ Choose which emails can access your gallery

+ Allow others to download one image or download entire gallery; priced per image for anyone outside of the email list you provide

+ Gift your photo downloads to your wedding guests as part of a wedding favor - Sarah can make little info cards with a link to hand out to your guests at the wedding

+ Watermark your images, prevent downloading, prevent sharing [which the exception of screen shots which can't be controlled]