Printed Products

Celebrating doesn't stop when the cameras and party disappear or your shoot is over...

Albums & Photo Books

Design & Ordering

Sarah has a degree in journalism and editorial design from Auburn University. She partners with an album design company to customize your choices for a stunning product you won't want to put down and will last ages. The amount of options you have are limitless, and Sarah will navigate them with you. Use an album to portray the vibe of your wedding and preserve your timeless images.


Choosing a card stock for your album pages is a thing. Same with the binding, cover texture, page texture and finish, album shape, size, and overall formality. Want an album that looks and feels like an editorial magazine and has written text columns? Um, heck yes. Super-thick pages that lay flat? Absolutely. The amount of options you have are limitless, and Sarah will navigate them with you.

Sarah's Album Design

If you'd like Sarah to design and order your album, the process starts at $100 and may fluctuate based on how much time goes into the project. This is separate from the printed album price. Design value is determined by the time involved, not the price of the album you choose. You can choose to be very involved or completely "hands off."

Album Pricing

Albums are tailored to your budget.

Prices can range from $30 - $1000

and are determined by the album printing company.

You'll have a cost breakdown of all design elements and see sample albums online to really illustrate your options. At the start of the process, we will map out where your investment goes and be in constant communication throughout the designing, ordering & delivery process.

Self Design

Remember, these are your images!

You can design your own album using any company on your own! I offer to design and order printed albums

because so many families request it, and design software can be tricky. [But I absolutely love the design aspect of this gig!]


Showcase what you love.
Prints can be ordered from within your online gallery or downloaded and ordered with your choice of print company. Sarah has favorites she orders from and can help with this.

Framing guidance is on the house

Printing with a Plan

Have a frame like this in mind for your dad or a wall gallery you'd like to design?
Sarah can help with the design
of this, as well.
Pro Tip: Use museum glass to avoid distracting reflections
like the ones pictured.

Design guidance is on the house