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With Prices + The Booking Process

“In portraiture, you have so much leeway, so much latitude.

You can be conceptual. You can be abstract. You can tell a story. You can be journalistic if you want.

You have so many options available in portraiture, and you're not confined to one idea.”

Annie Leibovitz

Previous Adventures. We like to have fun.


Palm Harbor

Winter Park

Palm Harbor


Not Trespassing


Palm Harbor

Winter Park


Daily Walkin' Spot

His Future Yard

Armatureworks, Tampa


The yard they sneak into



Sessions Include

Sessions include an online gallery in 'Collections' where you will download and share your images that will be stored for up to 1 year.

You can order prints directly from within your gallery or download them to use your own print method.

You have the copyright via contract for the personal use of your images.

A deposit is due to reserve your shoot time, and full price is due before the shoot begins.

Terms apply for rescheduling & cancellations.

Optional Style Guide available!

Life's Phases to Capture...

Proposals & Engagement

60 minutes

Sarah's an expert in sneakiness. Best before sunset during Golden Hour.



Please see the 'Weddings' tab!

Gender Reveal

30 minutes


Baby Shower & Sprinkle

Sarah spent 15 years living in the deep South with her sorority sisters constantly having baby showers and sprinkles, and y'all, these are her faves. Hilarious gift suggestions for days.


Studio or Home Maternity

90 minutes

Chic, elegant photos in studio or in your home with beautiful lighting. [A refreshing alternative to a glowing field in a flowing dress.] Sarah can provide a black fitted dress or chic body suit. Another beautiful look is faded jeans with a white tank top and big hair. Check out Sarah's Instagram and Pinterest board for the styles she loves. Let's bring your vision to life!


Birth Story

+ Sarah is there for the duration of your birth + special moments after, approximately 2 hours postpartum.

+ She will be on call 24/7 waiting for your "go signal" starting at your 37th week of pregnancy.

+ Home birth or hospital? Wherever your delivery takes you, she will be there.

+ During your miracle labor, she'll capture the emotions, support and triumphs as your doctor, nurse, midwife or doula permit in advance.

+ The full package price is due upon booking. This guarantees Sarah can be on call for you and not book other sessions that can't be easily rescheduled around your due date.

+ She does not have a backup shooter at this time, but also does not take sick days and will never miss a birth unless she's on her death bed. If this happens [unlikely] you'll be refunded for your full investment and be gifted a complimentary newborn shoot.

+ You see your images first! Sarah will only post what you permit. We can keep your online gallery password protected if you'd like.

+ Included are several video snapshots placed with licensed music and an editorially crafted blog.



+ The duration of the shoot is determined by the bambino's willingness to snooze or their comfort level. If they're in a deep sleep or feeling up to it, we can do several outfit changes over the course of an hour. If you want something quick, we can do one outfit in 15 minutes! We will adjust the shoot duration as needed.

+ Parents, please plan to help calm baby and interact if they're awake to bring out all their facial expressions!

+ You're welcome to bring a special outfit, and Sarah can help you plan a specific theme in advance.

+ Sarah makes edits to baby blemishes if requested.

+ Please be sure baby's outfit is ironed in advance.


Cake Smash

30 minutes

In Tampa studio


Just Kids

30 - 60 minutes

Can be posed, or let's get messy! Sarah have a million ideas up her sleeves for the makings of some serious core memories and uncontrollable laughs...
Best before sunset during Golden Hour.


Whole Family

30 - 60 minutes

Candids, smiles, tears, formal. It's all game. Best before sunset during Golden Hour.

$400+ [more for larger families]

Baptism, Dedication, First Communion, etc.

30 minutes +

Heads up, Sarah can't not cry happy tears when it comes to babies.


Birthday, Quinceañera, Sweet 16

60 minutes +


Style & Social Media

30 minutes +

Depending on how many outfits and frames needed. Trust us, we'll make you look good.


Headshots: Casual & Professional

Sarah will come to your location and bring lighting gear; done inside or outside, in your element.

$100 + per person, based on a sliding scale

"Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited,

and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man."

Edward Steichen

What's the booking process?

I'm honored that you're considering me as your photographer!

First, we'll talk about what you want to capture and how to make it happen.

A deposit is made to reserve your session date.

Full session price is due before your shoot begins.

[Portrait, minor, cancellation, and print release contract to be signed]

We can of course reschedule your shoot!

After the Shoot

Turnaround time for the full photo package depends on your session type.

For instance, families, I can have your casual shots to you in a few days if it's not during a busy season, such as fall.

Weddings, I will have sneak peaks to you in a few days, and the first draft of your photo collection will be delivered in 3 weeks.


This combo means after every shoot you'll be inundated with beautiful, high-resolution, downloadable photos in the "Collections" tab quickly with the hope that they make you smile. I love [and live] to do these two things.

Sarah Ashley Photography

205-901-4194 [Sarah's cell]

I've recently moved from Lakeland to a Studio/Home in Tampa in Hyde Park!

I'm available in person by appointment only

703 1/2 W BAY STREET

TAMPA, FL 33607

and still traveling all over!

"Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter."

Ansel Adams