Wedding Photography Packages

& FAQ desserts, because weddings deserve a divine finale

The Mochi

Simple, minimalistic and elegantly understated.

+ A popular ask for quick courthouse marriages
+ Two [2] hours of wedding day coverage
+ High-resolution, customizable online gallery kept for six months
+ Print Release
+ 100 or more edited images


The Baklava

Traditional, fab and hits the spot.

+ Six [6] hours of wedding day coverage
+ Rehearsal & Dinner
+ Engagement Session
+ High-resolution, customizable online gallery kept for six months
+ Print Release
+ 500 or more edited images


Matcha Wedding Cake

The life-altering combo you didn't know you needed.

+ Full wedding day coverage
[from your getting-ready mimosas to the reception's after party]
+ Rehearsal & Dinner
+ Engagement Session
+ Bridal Session
+ Customized Online Gallery
+ 1000 or more images


Sarah answers your FAQ:

How do you photograph weddings?

I'm here to serve you! I LOVE being by your side to help you with your wedding day. I'm honored to say I have been in countless weddings and had a massive wedding myself!

Your photographer's ability to 'read the room' is so important. [I have been a bridesmaid praying with the wedding party when the photographer interrupted our prayer for a photo! Yikes.] Luckily, I've spent most of my career working with corporate executives where I've learned to *READ THE ROOM* and behave accordingly. If you need a photographer to help with the daily timeline [recommended!] I can walk through this with you. If you're panicking on your big day, I will lighten the mood. Hangry? I'm on it. If you'd rather your photographer be [almost] invisible on your wedding day, you've got it!

If you have a wedding planner, I will become besties with them so we can give you the best day possible! I love to collaborate with other planners!

I want to capture the mood, the aesthetic, the emotions, the calm and formal, and the crazy candids that made your day come together. Allow me to catch all the nuances you may have initially missed so you can relive your day while rediscovering new moments all over again!

Do you offer wedding videography? Do you have a second shooter?

I am friends with husband/wife wedding photographers, Paul and Sierra, who are wonderful second shooters and also do videography. After you and I get the conversation started, I'll loop them in to see what they would charge for whatever additionally is needed from them.

Where are you based? Do you travel?

I'm in Hyde Park in Tampa, FL, and yes, I love to travel! If I'm traveling farther than 2 hours from Lakeland and you have a late reception, it would be ideal for me to have a hotel stay overnight. However, if you have a ceremony at noon and the reception is over in the afternoon, there would be no need for a hotel stay. Anywhere farther than 2 hours from Lakeland, I'd request fuel compensation.

I'm commonly asked if I'm willing to travel overseas, i.e. the Bahamas. As someone who lived in Asia for a year and who has traveled around the world her whole life, the answer is YES! Valid passport here! Where to?!

When will we get our photos?

You will receive several sneak peaks within 3 days! Within 4 weeks [which is standard for wedding photographers because perfecting your photos/investment is so important!] you'll have the online gallery where you can download and share images, create favorites lists, order prints, and more. See more info in "Collections" and "Printing."

What are my permissions with these images?

You contractually have the copyright for the personal use of your images. By "personal use" of the images, this means you can print as many as you'd like, however you like! If a magazine, local publication or blogger reaches out and wants to feature your wedding or use your images, I'll need to coordinate with them and give permission.

I ask that you not edit the photos after receiving them. Why? Because I pour my heart and soul into making them perfect, and my prayer is that I gain more business when people see the style and skill level of my photography in your images! Photographers rely on word of mouth to gain business [social media]. I am happy to make edits for you, just let me know what you need! I'm here for ya!